Unfathomable gratitude for the generosity of others. This week’s list of people propping us up includes (but not limited to) Carey Moncaster, Helen Wu, Kim Chou Kevin Chou, Petra Jennings and Jessica Erickson for providing meals.
Wed. Kim provided enough home-simmered, beef bone broth to feed a small village. Pho is the ultimate in comfort food and we had her family’s company to enhance the eating experience.
Thursday welcomed a brief return to home. Charolette relieved me from the hospital for the night. With open arms I greeted friend after friend. Petra, with a loaf of still-warm banana bread. Jessica with a grocery bags that would give an olympian a work out. Neighbor Grace with kind words despite the constant dirt baths created in her yard by my derelict chickens. I opened a refrigerator bursting with an array of prepared meals, fresh fruits and veggies and lots of milk. Wesley and I heated buttered noodles with broccoli and chicken a la Wu Family. I can’t describe the comfort of sitting in my own kitchen with him and enjoying a home prepared meal. (And the relief of no pots and pans to clean.)
Friday night was Erikson chili night at the hospital. Vegetarian and meat, accompanied by many mini corn bread muffins. Lots of sparkling clean, fresh and ripe cut fruit to replenish our vitamin C.
Sat. was the home stretch of the hospital stay. Naomi Evans manned the hospital helm. I sat down at home to a gourmet meal of salmon and spinach baked in a puffed pastry. The Moncaster household held nothing back and have perfected the art of presentation. The crust was adorned with little heart shaped pastries. I literally tasted the love that went into preparing the meal. It was delicious! Charolette Lill asked for a copy of the recipe. A side of bottomless wild rice and corn with a mildly zesty flavor rounded out our dinner. So did glasses of chilled wine.
Did I mention the play dates/visits? Irene, Jennifer Selby, Amy Hopkins, Becca Robinson, Shannon Mastalir, Grace Kalish… nothing lightens this load like companionship. Serious, it is food for the soul.
During a quiet, forsaken moment, I stood under a hot shower thinking, “This is so hard. I don’t know how I am going to get through this.”
Ewan has always been my marathon baby but, it was never meant to be like this…
He looked in the mirror today and said, “my face is round.” I explained that it is a side-effect of the steroids and at least it wasn’t square like a minecraft villager block head. He laughed and said, “I wish it could be star-shaped.” Maybe like his Captain America shirt?
It doesn’t need to be for him to be a star.
We will get through this; fueled by many in small and big ways from meals to windows to continually flowing words of support. All equally important and all deeply moving and appreciated. Thank you for getting us through week 2 and getting us home!