Ewan is the child at the heart of our mission. It is hard to see blood cancers, but bruising is a sign the body is not making enough platelets.

Today is World Blood Cancer Day. Every three minutes someone in the US is diagnosed with blood cancer. July 24, 2016 it was my child. Today, it is someone else’s. Blood Cancer is the most common type of cancer in children. Here is how you can help:

Team Ewan is an organization partnered with Seattle Children’s Hospital. The Guild’s mission is to fund innovative research and treatments for patients with high-risk leukemia. This mission is achieved by supporting the High-Risk Leukemia Program at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Donations raised by the Guild are funding news ways to target and treat high-risk leukemia. Dr. Marie Bleakley and Dr. Todd Cooper co-chair the team at Seattle Children’s Hospital that is resposible for developing comprehensive genomic analysis, which is essential for all children with high-risk leukemia. It identifies kids more likely to relapse while also identifying a target that may respond to less toxic and more effective therapies. Gene analysis allows for early detection of leukemia, so treatment can begin earlier and provides doctors with the chance to give precision medicine tailored to each individual child. This in turn has better results! 

This new therapy costs $3,500 per child. 

Our goal this year is to raise enough money to provide 14 children with the opportunity to receive life-saving treatments for their leukemia by having this analysis performed on their DNA. Even though this treatment is offered in Seattle, it is helping children all across the country as it is the only hospital that offers it. We hope you will join us in our efforts this year to make the difference for children battling cancer today! 

Donate to Team Ewan Guild.

What is high-risk leukemia? Read about risk groups and prognostic factors here.

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