Today, Ewan finally came home! His blast (leukemia cells) counts have dropped from 92% to 4% in the past 2 weeks. WE ARE THRILLED!! His body is responding to treatment. Out with the bad cells. Treatment is indiscriminate though; he has also lost many of his good cells. Ewan has neutropenia – meaning he is super prone to infection. We like to think of it more as a super power: his body can acutely sense evil infectious agents. Its not the dynamism he’d have likely chosen but, when has a superhero been able to choose their own powers? We’ll take it and work with it. It means using Purell nonstop, hand washing like someone’s life depends on it, eating carefully and being on guard for a fever (a sign that his super power is activating). We can do this and we can do it all from the comfort of our own home. We can be stronger and cleaner than ever. Welcome home, Ewan!