Ewan and Oliver’s Bunnies

Oliver is the friend Ewan never met. Both boys are in the same grade. Both boys have older sisters. Both both are treated at the same hospital for the same subset of blood cancer: high-risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). They shared a lot. Oliver is in remission. Ewan is not.

A year ago, around the time Ewan’s cancer returned, Oliver’s cancer appeared. One day, when I was meeting up with Oliver’s mom for tea, Ewan asked me to lend Oliver one of Ewan’s favorite books: Amulet. Ewan found reading to be a good distract from the anxiety and pain of clinic appointments and treatments. He wanted to help Oliver. Oliver read the book and kindly return it. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to do it until after Ewan died.

Oliver and Ewan never had the chance to meet.

Leukemia is unpredictable. It kills babies, kids and adults. Just this week, I visited an inspirational adult who is in the hospital getting treatment for his 4th relapse. Relapse is when cancer cells become detectable again.

Having high-risk leukemia means there is a greater chance cancer will come back. Ewan had high-risk leukemia; it came back hard. We need to do better and we need to do it now. Why? Because Oliver has high-risk leukemia and we want him to get cured. Ewan would want to help him.

Like Ewan, you can help. Oliver has two more years of treatment. We are counting on Oliver being a good outcome – to be a survivor and get cured.

That’s why we are fundraising and going All Out For Oliver.

Please donate to Seattle Children’s High-Risk Leukemia Program: giveto.seattlechildrens.org/alloutforoliver

There is one more connection these boys share: both families now share Peruvian bunnies. But that’s another story…