My heartaches and, at the same time, smiles to see I’ve made $3 for Three Magic Phrases. Aches at the thought of a dollar a phrase for words to comfort a dying child. And smiles because I see Ewan. Oh, Ewan – that’s you being silly. I know how you love to play with numbers and words.

36K views seems like a lot. Its more than every set of eyes on this island peering into our windows. I am humbled and awed that so many strangers have taken the time to learn a little about Ewan. I wish I could share all about Ewan with all of you. He wanted to be an architect when he grew up. He practiced by building every LEGO architecture series set he could get his hands on, while he was in the hospital. He was an amazing artist and had empathy in spades. I wish you could’ve meet him.

It helps, a little, to think you will think of him. The next time your five-year-old wants to sleep in your bed you’ll say, “okay” and you will hug them a little tighter and read an extra chapter. Ewan makes us all have a little more patience, want to be kinder and reminds us that our greatest present is our presence. Thank you for getting to know him a little. I hope his soft voice echos in your life.

He is a medium making us better people.