Ewaniscool is playing lots of Pokemon Go to keep going.

Last week, Michael and I consulted with a transplant specialist at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. We had an in-depth discussion regarding Ewan’s prognosis and what a stem cell transplant would mean for him as a treatment option. The meeting covered a typical treatment plan and the pros and cons along the way. Post-treatment outcomes and the potential side effects were bluntly presented. It was a meeting that simultaneously gave us hope and scared the hell out of us. 

“10% chance of death.”

It was very hard to hear about the associated short and long-term health risks of a transplant. Lethal risks are real, as are non-lethal life debilitating risks. I can’t get the phrase “10% chance of death” out of my head. But I also know, beyond a doubt, that stem cell transplants save lives. Ewan will beat this, one way or another. It’s in his nature to be exceptional and rise above adversity; he is nothing but goodness all the way down to his DNA. Cancer cells don’t belong in his blood or his body and eventually they will be routed out. We hold this tightly as truth and know that he is destined for great things. 

That’s it for my update. The love that you surround us with spills over into our ability to care for Ewan and his siblings. Thank you.