Today is the first day of school in Mrs. T’s 2ndgrade class. School starts at 9:15 am. We arrive at 9 am and walk in. Ewan is unsteady on his feet, but he is up and dressed and nervously excited and that is what matters. 

I think I got him a superhero roller bag, knowing that he would not be able to carry a backpack. 

I walk into the classroom with him. For the first day, school is only one hour long. It is more like a meet and greet. where he plays a game with classmates and listens to a story. the Students take a tour of the school. When he get back, it was reported that he fell – tripped over a doorway jam. Scuffed his knees and palms of his hands. No bleeding. I called The Hem/Onc outpatient clinic and asked to speak to the triage nurse. She pulled up Ewan’s charts and stated that his ANC was above 750. That Ewan was not neutropenic and he should be fine and not need any medical attention. She reminded us of the standard procedures – to take his temperature and if he had over 38 degrees to call the Hem/Onc on call fellow. End of call. He will be fine.