Tomorrow is Ewan’s birthday. Even though there are nines in the date, he stays eight. Countless times in the past two years, with every wristband at every appointment, I’ve heard him verify his name and date of birth. He stopped for them and handed over his identifiers. Now, its time for us to stop for him and remember that he is so much more than a name and a date. He is a love and light and a room full of laughter.
Its time to celebrate! I asked him how he’d like us to honor his future birthdays. He said, “have parties and chocolate cake.”
Good grief, bad grief, all grief aside – that’s what we’ll do!!
I hear some of Ewan’s buddies will be fundraising for Team Ewan’s Guild
with chocolate cupcakes and chocolate milk in the park tomorrow starting at 9:30am. What a fantastic way to kick off the day!

Later, please join us for birthday frozen yogurt from Ewan. You can make a donation to the Team Ewan Guild. How about $9? But all we really want is your company. Happy 9th Birthday, Ewan! I love you!!