We are filled with thanks this holiday season. Beyond measure, we are thankful for Ewan’s remission. A year ago our family vacationed in a foreign country; we bathed in sun and culture on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. This year, we’ve abruptly found ourselves in a foreign world. We never imagined a child of ours would receive a cancer diagnosis. This unexpected expedition continually demands deep digging into reserves of grit and resilience. We persevere by learning the language and landscape of leukemia and navigate using paper roadmaps marked with treatment plans that outline a four-year long trek ahead. We know with full confidence that we will return to our home of peace and good health. Until then, we are making the best of thorny detours by laughing, sharing and seeking out silver linings. Thank you for joining us on this rollercoaster journey. We feel the HOPE, LOVE and STRENGTH you send. Thank you for many meaningful gifts, carpools, cards, countless meals, and company. We are profoundly thankful. You carried us through 2016.

– The Harrington Lill Family