The Team Ewan Mission Boo is officially a go! A few circulating thoughts are, “How can we make sure Ewan is involved?”

“Does he want to stuff Boos?  Does he want to ride in a getaway car?  Whatever we can do to make him feel included would be great!”

What is this Boo thing?

We decided that Boo stuffing is the best job. He has thrown up in the car three times in the past week; it could be my driving. But putting him in a getaway car may not be the best idea. The poor kid doesn’t even get to press germ covered elevator buttons anymore. Unsparklefied doorbells are probably out of the question. He’ll love this all, though.

Stats through consolidation:

# of trips to the Emergency Department: 5

# of days in the hospital as an in patient: 30

# of lumbar punctures: 10

# of chemo infusions: 20

# of allergic reactions: 1

# of blood transfusions: 4

# of platelet transfusions: 5

# of joyful moments: unlimited