IMG_3858Today is a big day for Ewan. He will have his Day 29 bone marrow aspirate. We will be waiting on the edge of our seats for test results from the sample (it may take a few days). The tests measure how much disease is detectable (if any) and determine the next course of action. Since we will be in board game position, it will be a good few days to stop in and play. Immune system counts are on the rise, after hitting rock bottom (zero) yesterday.
Speaking of games and visits, thanks to the Stone family for a fun afternoon and being there for Ewan’s 1st Yahtzee! Remarkably, we’ll have 2 kids with 2 of the same teachers this year. Our favorite neigbors from across the street also stopped by. Erin, Ewan wants me to ask you if he can jump on your trampoline when he is better. Other wants: Amy, the nurses here want your pumpkin muffin recipe. Thank you for the homemade treats! Though Dr. Jokester is no longer on rotation, there has been no shortage of good times. Lamperti boys biked and filled the hallways with laughter. Thank you for the Pokemon socks. They rock! Ewan can’t wait to show them off to the Kalish kids on their next visit. BFF Ben brought a big smile to Ewan’s face. Thank you to all! Especially, Jonathan Lill who traveled 2,852 miles to be by Ewan’s side. Today, front desk staff remarked that they have never had a patient with so many visitors and they love, love, love it. So do we.
We want for nothing except the return of Ewan’s good health.
Until then, we happily encourage you to continue to send your love, thoughts, prayers, positive energy or in the words of Olympic medalist Fu Yuanhui, use your mystic powers.IMG_0001